The concrete jungle they call NYC

Ok ok so I’ve been very quiet for the last few weeks but i have good reason. I spent a few of those weeks on another little adventure in the amazing city of New York… some what of a change of pace from Luxembourg but i spent my days fitting in as many experiences as i possibly could while in this concrete jungle. I was based in Long Island City… i know i know your thinking why wouldn’t i stay in Manhattan. Although i do love Manhattan i opted to stay with family in this up and coming district that is slowly becoming extremely trendy being so close but yet far enough away from the hustle and bustle of Manhattan. Not to mention its a couple of ferry stops from Brooklyn another of my favourites. Oh and did i mention the amazing city views looking directly at the NYC skyline.

IMG_2654  IMG_2691 IMG_2693

Yes that was the view from my Uncles apartment….. trust me i did contemplate staying for good however after hearing about the icy winter they had this year i decided that chasing the sun around the world would be a better option… for the moment anyway.

Beautiful Summer weather in NYC meant that it was time for some exploring in the sunshine. I started my day with a little ferry ride along the river… such a wonderful and inexpensive way to become familiar with all the locations you are looking to visit.


We jumped off on the last stop on the down town Ferry and made our way to the Hudson river. I had heard about a great little cove on the river where we could stop and have lunch while taking in the beautiful views along the river. We came across a beautifully restaurant/ bar right on the river called P J Clark’s. Wine, an American burger and views of the Hudson…. can’t get much better than that.




P J Clarke’s on the Hudson


Walk along the Hudson


NYC Loving

We then venture up to the World Trade Centre site to check out the new Freedom Tower and to pay our respects to the hundreds of people that lost their lives on 9/11. This was one of the most emotional days for me… although i was young when this disaster occurred i still remember all the news bulletins and images shown across the world on that horrific day and in the years that followed. Walking towards the spectacular memorial fountain a sense of peacefulness came over me and in the summer heat the breeze that the fountain created in the middle of this huge city was a beautiful escape. Looking at each of the names written around this fountain its not hard to become extremely emotional thinking of the loved ones and the devastation of 9/11. If you venture a little further up from the memorial you will find a little church that is gorgeous in its own right however has pictures of the fire fighters who used it as a rest station during the days following 9/11 i definitely recommend you checking it out.

Freedom Tower

Freedom Tower


9/11 Memorial



Just around the corner from the Freedom tower you will find Century 21. I would highly recommend checking out this discounted designer shopping centre while your in this vicinity. You will not be disappointed. I will tell you much more about this and show you some bargains i snapped up later on.





Luxembourg Nights

So its been a little while since my last post and I’ve since moved on from Luxembourg but there are still so many wonderful photos i must share from my trip to this beautiful country. To begin… remember i mentioned the brilliant itinerary for the FIABCI conference… well it did not disappoint. On our fourth night in Luxembourg we attended the FIABCI Awards dinner. This was held at Luxembourg’s main concert venue called  Rockhal, Esch-sur-Alzette. The food was exceptional and the atmosphere was exciting, fresh and lively. 


FIABCI Awards dinner

Fiabci Awards dinner


White chocolate dessert

I was surprised when receiving my gorgeous dessert pictured above to discover it featured a small tube full of a clear liquid which i suspected to be a desert liquor. I was soon told by one of the locals that in-fact it was and it was extremely strong. I thought hey I’m Australian i can take a little dash of dessert liquor. I tested it by putting in just one fourth of the small bottle and boy were they right! Strongest thing I’ve ever tasted. My dessert tasted like it had drowned it in a bottle of vodka…. and that was after only a quarter. Maybe I’m just weak. However it was a great experience and a beautiful white chocolate and peach dessert. What a wonderful night.

The following night we continued our run of beautiful dinners and attended the Farewell Dinner/ Ball. My favourite thing about this night was it gave me chance to get dressed up in a stunning Charlie Brown gown I’ve owned for ages and never had the right occasion to wear it to. Made of magnificent silk material in the colour of cream i teamed it with… you guessed it a red lip and nude shoes. I accessorised it with an ever so lightly sparkled Peep Toe clutch with rose gold features to match my watch.


Charlie Brown Dress, Red Mac Lipstick, Peep Toe clutch


Charlie Brown Dress, Red Mac Lipstick, Peep Toe clutch


Another night to end our time in Luxembourg. Thank you for having us. xoxo

Next stop Luxembourg

Welcome to Luxembourg!!! What a welcome it was… Driving into this little country on the border of both France and Germany we were lucky enough to get our first glimpse of the history surrounding this country. We drove right past one of the most magnificent castles i have ever seen as well as lush pastures and greener fields than you can even imagine. I have to say this place looks like its straight out of the pages of a Walt disney fairy tale book. Just two hours by train from Paris and half an hours drive to the border of Germany it was easy to understand the reason for the huge French and German influences. Many residents speak at least three languages with French, German and Luxembourgish all official languages of this nation.


Luxembourg Castle


Former fortifications of Luxembourg City.


The reason for my visit to Luxembourg was to attend a well known real-estate conference called FIABCI. This conference is aimed at real-estate professionals many of whom have their own businesses and enjoy to socialise with like minded people and expand their professional network. As i am not in the real-estate game i was a guest. I have to say it was a wonderful opportunity to make some extremely good contacts from all around the world and with a great entertainment program including cocktail parties, awards dinners, tours and the final ball it was defiantly worth attending. We choose to stay at Sofitel Kirchberg Luxembourg which was ten minutes from the city and right across the road from where the conference was being held. This was great however if i was not attending the conference i would definitely stay closer to the city in the other Sofitel Luxembourg as i heard some great reviews about this hotel.


Lobby at Sofitel Kirchberg Luxembourg


Dinner with Dad in Luxembourg


Red in Paris

On my final night in this magical city i ventured to the Eiffel Tower once more and had an early dinner of bread, cheese, salami, olives and red wine before heading back to the hotel for one more wine on my stunning balcony. Wearing my favourite Nicholas dress and matching red lips i was ready to head out and kick up my heels in one of my favourite cities in the world.

IMG_2287  IMG_2301 IMG_2303 IMG_2310 IMG_2313 IMG_2321

Thanks Hotel Baltimore for our wonderful stay. I will be back.


Good Bye Paris. I will see you soon.


The city of love.. Paris

Paris Paris.. Where do i start. One of my favourite cities in the world. The sites, the colours, the food, the men and the language. All elements that help create the well known label of the city of love. Its not hard to see why so many people fall in love with all things french when visiting. Both the men and women are mostly well dressed in their own unique style which is some what relaxed and effortlessly classy. The men are what can i say.. polished and direct. Adding that to their amazing language and extremely good looks its quite easy to be swept of your feet. We arrived at our hotel named Hotel Baltimore which is part of M Gallery hotels. This hotel was perfectly situated 5 minutes walk from Arch de triumph and the famous strip Champs-Élysées as well as just a ten minute walk in the opposite direction to the magical Eiffel Tower. If you’re staying in this hotel be sure to book a room with a balcony. Paris just isn’t Paris if you don’t have a balcony to relax on and admire the beautiful city views. This area is my all time favourite in Paris. As soon as we arrived i ventured out in search of my favourite shop Laduree. Every time i visit Paris i eat as many of these amazing macaroons as possible. In my opinion they are the most wonderful tasting biscuits in the world but the trouble is… how do you choose from so many flavours. My favourites are the strawberry and vanilla flavours. AMAZING


Laduree on the Champs-Élysées


Laduree on the Champs-Élysées


Laduree on the Champs-Élysées

As you can see i restrained myself and only got the smallest box however looks can be deceiving. I have since gone back for two more boxes… oh well. When in Paris :)  Check out their website below.

After eating far to many macaroons i ventured down to the Eiffel Tower. Its easy to see why this huge structure eventually won over the hearts of the French and become such an asset to their country. Who would have thought that this monument that was constructed by Gustave Eiffel as a temporary feature for the 1889 world fair would still be there today and be such a huge attraction. Its a credit to his work around the city of Paris and is such an amazing monument.

IMG_2239 IMG_2402 IMG_2242 IMG_2261 IMG_2403 IMG_2378 IMG_2381     

Make sure you check it out after 9pm when they begin their light show. It really is spectacular.





What do you do when you have 24hrs in Roma? You eat as much pasta as possible and skip around some of the most amazing attractions in the world. We started by checking out St Peters Basilica which is a favourite of mine. Ive been inside three times and still i see something new each time. The line to enter looks extremely long however it moves very fast so don’t get tricked into paying one of the hundreds of people that tell you they can help you skip the line. However in saying that if you decide to go to Sistine Chapel and the line is huge (It always is) I would recommend paying to skip the line and go inside with a tour group. It might cost you 6 or 7 extra euro on top of your ticket but when the line is looking to be a 3hr wait its totally worth it. Especially if your standing in Rome’s heat. One more tip… remember to cover up for St Peters Basilica. They will not let you in if your shorts are above your knees or you shoulders are uncovered.


Trevi really is spectacular. If possible i would advise for you to book accommodation close to Trevi fountain as its in a perfect area to move around the city. Its close to the sites, the shopping and all the amazing restaurants.

IMG_2105 RomaIMG_3026IMG_3017

The Colosseum is another must see. Its a little further to walk than most other sites so my advice would be to jump on the metro or pay for a hop on hop of bus. For about 20 euro you can get a 24hr ticket that allows you to get off the bus at your choice of attraction and then catch another when you finish. They come past every 15 minutes and are well worth the money especially if you don’t have a lot of time in Roma.


The Spanish Steps is in the same vicinity as Trevi fountain so its easy to get to and is a nice place to sit down, relax and take in the beautiful views.



Horse Riding in Hyde Park London

Horse riding in Hyde Park has been on the top of my bucket list since i began riding over ten years ago and i finally got to do it!!! What a wonderful experience it was.. cantering through Hyde park along Rotton Row was just magical and lived up to everything i had imagined it to be. I only had an hour ride and as soon it was finished i wished i had booked again for the following day. Although at 75 Pounds it was rather expensive it was completely worth the money in my eyes and its an experience you can’t have everyday. Ok so i researched two riding schools offering lessons in Hyde Park when planning to book. The most common riding school is Hyde Park Stables which is most popular when searching google however when researching this riding school i realised that due to insurance they do not allow many riders if any to canter and very rarely trot. As an experienced horse rider i knew that walking through Hyde Park would still be lovely but i would struggle with not being able to go faster. After a little more digging i found Ross Nye Stables which enables experience riders to Canter through the park once assessed by the teacher.

Ross Nye Stables

Ross Nye Stables

Theres a storm coming

Theres a storm coming

Beautiful Hyde Park

Beautiful Hyde Park

So thats another tick off the bucket list and i can’t wait to go back again! So i would highly recommend riding in Hyde park with Ross Nye Stables, the teachers are extremely friendly and have a great knowledge about the area so its almost also like a guided tour of Hyde park. You can check out the stables at the website below.

After a busy afternoon riding i was extremely Hungry so a big London dinner was in order. Amazing… What a wonderful way to finish a fantastic trip to London.


Dinner on the last night in London Town….did not disappoint

Thanks for having me LONDON!!