Tasmania food, wine and sunshine wearing Cameo.

Its spring which means Tasmania is beginning to get warmer and inundated with tourists coming to the island to sample some of the best food and wine Australia has to offer.

Cameo dress

Todays outfit Cameo- The better dress + Tony Bianco Shoes

Cameo dress

Cameo- the better dress



On a beautiful October day i ventured down to Frogmore creek which is only a quick 30 minute drive out of Hobart. This picturesque vineyard features a huge barn like property that doubles for a wine tasting area as well as a restaurant and wedding venue. This vineyard is set in the most idyllic surroundings and produces some of my all time favourite wines. Sitting down to lunch i was unsure what the food would be like however when presented with the menu the adventure began. Unlike most places the menu was comprised of many options all one size (entree size) we were advised that two meals would be the equivalent to a main. So we chose carefully. While waiting for our meal the whole table was served a small free of charge appetiser. What a wonderful idea…. everyone loves something free. This was presented to us on a small glass square and consisted of a green apple pork lollipop, broccoli coin with many other flavours sprinkled on the dish. Flavours i would never think about putting together and yet they worked wonderfully together. Check it out!


Let me just also share with you at this point we were very well into one of my all time favourite Tasmanian bottles of sparkling made on site. 42 Degrees south never seems to disappoint.

Waiting of the first of my “entree size meals” i was starting to get extremely curious about what it will look like after seeing others around me gasp with delight when their own colourful dishes were being served and i have to say the pumpkin ravioli i ordered did not disappoint. I have not seen so many colours on one dish in a long time not to mention the amount of different flavours all on the one plate. Each bite i was in total disbelief this food wasn’t just great but the experience was also amazing. I felt as though i had simply walked right into a final of Master chef Australia. IMG_6498

Did i mention how big these dishes were. Lets be honest $25 in a fine dining restaurant doesn’t get you far but these dishes were extremely big for an apparent ‘entree serving size’ waiting for the second of the two i was already quite full. However when my beef turned up there was no way i could possibly waste a single piece of it. Slow cooked beef cheek. One of my all time favourite meals EVER…. now I’m extremely fussy with beef and  usually go through and pick off any part of fat i see however there was none at all and it was compacted so tight that it really was an effort to finish this melt in your mouth sensation meal.


AND then theres the DESSERT OH my goodness!!!! I didn’t think this day could get any better but to complete the experience i had to finish the afternoon with one of the most mouth watering desserts i have ever seen. Trying to pick just one was a real struggle but i decided upon the chocolate plate and i was not disappointed. Oh and did i mention the other little “extra” provided? Before dessert is served each member of the table is presented with a mini ice cream!!!! YES and surprise it was also amazing.


If you are going to Tasmania please do yourself a favour and treat yourself to lunch at Frogmore Creek where you can sample some of the best produce Tasmania has on offer.


Chapel St and High Tea at the Windsor

Im so excited to be back in Melbourne although its slightly colder than NYC summer its a perfect excuse to once again enjoy the winter fashion. Melbourne shopping i really have missed you.. getting back into the swing of winter i headed out to one of my favourite shopping hotspots in Melbourne. Chapel St South Yarra! So close to Elwood this is practically my local shopping strip as well as my favourite brunch domain. A quick little stop into Aje. currently one of my favourite Australian designers and i was set. A cold day in Melbourne called for my royal blue Veronica Maine winter jacket. This piece ads a bright finish to any winter outfit casual or formal . Teamed with my Witchery knit and boots its perfect for a Melbourne winters day.


After a wonderful afternoon on Chapel we ventured to Hotel Windsor on Spring street in the city for a relaxing afternoon tea. French Champagne on arrival, pots of tea, sandwiches and scones jam and cream displayed on silver three tiered stands in the magnificent settings of a historic hotel. What a wonderful way to spend an afternoon.

IMG_3939 IMG_3788


Brooklyn and Ballet NYC

Brooklyn NYC… one of the most trendy suburbs in this city of dreams. After growing up watching countless American sit coms as well as movies featuring the famous Brooklyn Bridge it was a site i was extremely excited to visit. We set off on another hot summers day to walk along this architecturally beautiful bridge. I decided that one day i would love to live  in Brooklyn just so i could commute by bike to Manhattan via this Bridge.


While crossing the bridge we made a couple of friends… tourists also admiring the view who happened to be from Sydney Australia. After a brief chat and enjoying the sound of an Aussie accent we decided to all walk into brooklyn together and get some famous American Pizza. Grimaldi’s pizzeria is set right underneath the Brooklyn Bridge and is a well known tourist hot spot. We debated getting a couple of pizzas to share assuming they would be similar size to an Aussie pizza but boy were we wrong… luckily we opted to go for just the one to start with and it fed us ALL!!! My first American pizza did not disappoint. Brooklyn i love you already.


That evening we ventured down to the Metropolitan Opera House in Manhattan to watch the American Ballet company preform a contemporary dance. What a wonderful experience this was… i highly recommend to everyone visiting NYC to try and catch a show. Just the theatre itself is spectacular and the dancing is out of this world. Watching some of the most talented ballerinas in the world was such a treat.


During the interval you can pre order beautiful french champagne to enjoy in the stunning bar as well as treat yourself to dinner prior to the show in the theatres restaurant.


The chandeliers hanging through out the theatre are beautiful and suit the elegant red carpets and staircases that wrap around this venue.


Maybe one of my favourite evenings in NYC so far.


Cup cakes and Victoria Secret with Love in NYC

NYC weather was once again spectacular so we set off to spend the day exploring central park. Feeling like a scene right out of a movie we wondered around the lakes surrounding the park. This park really has something for everyone… check out the fun fair while eating a hot dog or walk along the pristine lake to find the row boats. Take a romantic row along the lake…. however you will need to share the lake with many other couples enjoying the tranquility. IMG_2900IMG_2767

Another must do item on our list was to visit Magnolia Bakery and get some treats for our relaxing day in Central park. This sounds easy but once inside Magnolia Bakery good luck choosing from the many different varieties. Who knew cupcakes could come in so many flavours. I was in HEAVEN! After a difficult choice we found a beautiful little grass patch along side the river bank and started to work on our tan. Could life get any better. I could have stayed here for days. Central Park you really are magical. 


On our mission home down the streets of NYC we only got lost a few times but look what we found!!! LOVE IN NYC.


Our quick stop at Victoria Secret also proved successful. One of my favourite things about this city is the shopping and what better way to finish our afternoon in the sun than buying some beautiful underwear. May have gone a little overboard but hey!!! WHEN IN NY.


We ended the day with a wine down on the waters edge in Long Island City. This little bar had the most spectacular view.



Tourist activities in NYC

If you haven’t added Top of the Rock in NYC to your viewing list i suggest you do. This was my favourite view point of the city. Although its not as high as the famous Empire state the views in my opinion are better because you get to see the iconic building in the skyline.


Top of the rock NYC


Top of the Rock NYC


The day was slightly gloomy but this added to the NYC feel of the hot summer hustle and bustle this city is well know for. Rocking my gucci city of love T for this top of the rock experience. Spreading the love in NYC.

Next on the Bucket list was to go and see a game of Base Ball!!! We grabbed some Hats from the New York Yankees store in Times square and we were ready to rock down to Yankee Stadium and support our new favourite sporting team.


We didn’t get the best seats in the house but just being in the stadium with so many people created an amazing atmosphere. Getting into the swing of things we grabbed a beer and settled in for a intense match of Base Ball. Ok so i haven’t been to many sporting events around the world however i do love going to a game of local AFL in Australia and i have to say… baseball is somewhat different. Much slower and they seem to take their time swinging the ball. I did enjoy it but we were quite disappointed that the yankees let us down and lost the game…. What happened to beginners luck???? Oh well….. i guess theres always next time.



Welcome to NYC

Ok ok so I’ve been very quiet for the last few weeks but i have good reason. I spent a few of those weeks on another little adventure in the amazing city of New York… some what of a change of pace from Luxembourg but i spent my days fitting in as many experiences as i possibly could while in this concrete jungle. I was based in Long Island City… i know i know your thinking why wouldn’t i stay in Manhattan. Although i do love Manhattan i opted to stay with family in this up and coming district that is slowly becoming extremely trendy being so close but yet far enough away from the hustle and bustle of Manhattan. Not to mention its a couple of ferry stops from Brooklyn another of my favourites. Oh and did i mention the amazing city views looking directly at the NYC skyline.

IMG_2654  IMG_2691 IMG_2693

Yes that was the view from my Uncles apartment….. trust me i did contemplate staying for good however after hearing about the icy winter they had this year i decided that chasing the sun around the world would be a better option… for the moment anyway.

Beautiful Summer weather in NYC meant that it was time for some exploring in the sunshine. I started my day with a little ferry ride along the river… such a wonderful and inexpensive way to become familiar with all the locations you are looking to visit.


We jumped off on the last stop on the down town Ferry and made our way to the Hudson river. I had heard about a great little cove on the river where we could stop and have lunch while taking in the beautiful views along the river. We came across a beautifully restaurant/ bar right on the river called P J Clark’s. Wine, an American burger and views of the Hudson…. can’t get much better than that.


P J Clarke’s on the Hudson


Walk along the Hudson


NYC Loving

We then venture up to the World Trade Centre site to check out the new Freedom Tower and to pay our respects to the hundreds of people that lost their lives on 9/11. Walking towards the spectacular memorial fountain a sense of peacefulness came over me and in the summer heat the breeze that the fountain created in the middle of this huge city was a beautiful escape. Looking at each of the names written around this fountain its not hard to become extremely emotional thinking of the loved ones and the devastation of 9/11.

Freedom Tower

Freedom Tower


9/11 Memorial



Just around the corner from the Freedom tower you will find Century 21. I would highly recommend checking out this discounted designer shopping centre while your in the vicinity. You will not be disappointed.



Luxembourg Nights

So its been a little while since my last post and I’ve since moved on from Luxembourg but there are still so many wonderful photos i must share from my trip to this beautiful country. To begin… remember i mentioned the brilliant itinerary for the FIABCI conference… well it did not disappoint. On our fourth night in Luxembourg we attended the FIABCI Awards dinner. This was held at Luxembourg’s main concert venue called  Rockhal, Esch-sur-Alzette. The food was exceptional and the atmosphere was exciting, fresh and lively. 


FIABCI Awards dinner

Fiabci Awards dinner


White chocolate dessert

I was surprised when receiving my gorgeous dessert pictured above to discover it featured a small tube full of a clear liquid which i suspected to be a desert liquor. I was soon told by one of the locals that in-fact it was and it was extremely strong. I thought hey I’m Australian i can take a little dash of dessert liquor. I tested it by putting in just one fourth of the small bottle and boy were they right! Strongest thing I’ve ever tasted. My dessert tasted like it had drowned it in a bottle of vodka…. and that was after only a quarter. Maybe I’m just weak. However it was a great experience and a beautiful white chocolate and peach dessert. What a wonderful night.

The following night we continued our run of beautiful dinners and attended the Farewell Dinner/ Ball. My favourite thing about this night was it gave me chance to get dressed up in a stunning Charlie Brown gown I’ve owned for ages and never had the right occasion to wear it to. Made of magnificent silk material in the colour of cream i teamed it with… you guessed it a red lip and nude shoes. I accessorised it with an ever so lightly sparkled Peep Toe clutch with rose gold features to match my watch.


Charlie Brown Dress, Red Mac Lipstick, Peep Toe clutch


Charlie Brown Dress, Red Mac Lipstick, Peep Toe clutch


Another night to end our time in Luxembourg. Thank you for having us. xoxo