Diamonds are a girls best friend

Diamonds are on my mind today! Are they really a girls best friend? I was recently invited to wear and show off some beautiful jewellery for a Melbourne based Jeweller called Hardy Brothers at their annual event. I arrived not knowing what to expect and what pieces they would give me to wear for the evening. To my surprise i was presented with a very large 5.5 Carat Diamond from their ‘Vault Collection’ It was absolutely breathtaking. With one large diamond in the middle and two small pink diamonds on either side. It sparkled like I’ve never seen a ring sparkle… It was the kind of ring that stood out from a mile away and nearly every woman at the party that night stopped me and asked to see it, touch it, try it on… which to their disappointment was not an option… but if you paid the huge price tag attached to such a beauty I’m guessing you would enjoy the constant attention it would bring.

5.5 Carat Diamond Ring
5.5 Carat Diamond Ring

and there was more…. I also received a beautiful diamond necklace and bracelet to match.. In total i was wearing half a million dollars worth of diamonds. I have to say it felt quite lovely to be decked out in such beautiful jewellery. It was then that i decided that yes… Diamonds really are a girls best friend. However wearing something worth so much in a public place would frighten me. Throughout the night there were times that i was quite nervous… you really don’t want something like that to slip of your finger and down the drain.. can you imagine. It has also now given me extremely high expectations for my future engagement ring.

Hardy Brothers Vault Collection.
Hardy Brothers Vault Collection.

Aren’t they just amazing.. I have to say i was quite temped to take them home.


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